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Balsamiq Mockups

Hello All,

If you like me work with application development, you know how difficult is sometimes to produce screen mockups to show to your customers. I’ve used to do that using pencil and paper but today I’ve run into Balsamiq Mockups which is a application developed in Flash specially for design screen mockups. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

You can take a look how easy is to produce mockups watching the video below:

Balsamiq has a lot of components available:  Labels, Textbox, Combos, Buttons, List, etc.

Another interesting feature is you can export the screen mockup as PNG.

Balsamiq is not free. You can try it online, but I think it’s tool which values each cent.

See ya!


Installing CouchDB on Mac OS X Leopard


I had installed CouchDB using Mac Ports but looks like ports installs an old and bugged version of CouchDb. So I decided to uninstall the couchdb and install it straight from source.

Here we go. Open your terminal and follow the instructions.

Installing CouchDB dependencies

First step is to install the ICU (International Components for Unicode). Execute the following commands:

$ curl -O
$ tar xvf icu4c-4_2_1-src.tgz
$ cd icu/source
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
$ make
$ make install
$ cd ~

Now, we need to install another dependency, the SpiderMonkey, which is a Mozilla Foundation Javascript engine.

$ curl -O
$ tar xvf js-1.7.0.tar.gz
$ cd js/src
$ make BUILD_OPT=1 -f Makefile.ref
$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/include/smjs
$ sudo cp *.(h,tbl} /usr/include/smjs/
$ cd Darwin_OPT.OBJ
$ sudo cp *.h /usr/include/smjs/
$ sudo cp js /usr/local/bin/
$ sudo cp libjs.dylib /usr/local/lib/
$ cd ~

CouchDB is developed in Erlang, so we also need to install Erlang

$ curl -O
$ tar xzf otp_src_R13B01.tar.gz
$ cd otp_src_R13B01
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local \
  --enable-smp-support --enable-hipe --enable-darwin-universal \
$ make
$ make install
$ cd ~

Installing CouchDB

$ svn co couchdb
$ cd couchdb
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ cd ~

After the compiling and installing, you can check the couchdb version

$ couchdb -V

To start the couchdb:

$ sudo couchdb -b

Now, you can open your browser and access the couchdb:

To stop couchdb:

$ sudo couchdb -d

That’s all folks

I do Mac now!

Hello Fellows,

After a long time desiring and dreaming, I got bought my first Mac Book. No, I didn’t buy an Aluminum, but I bought the White.

I’m still adapting with it, specially with the keyboard, but I can tell you guys that’s the Apple is amazing! Everything detail is so special and thought here. The Mac OS X Leopard is very stable and also very easy to use. Looks everything you try here is pretty easy to do.

The Mac OS X Leopard already comes with many tools for development. I already have Java, Ruby and Rails. You just have to update them to the latest version and that tasks is to easy.

I am still preparing my development environment, but I’ve already installed Eclipse, Git, Flex SDK, MySQL. For development with Ruby and Rails, I’ve installed Mac Vim and the Ruby plugin, but I am thinking of buying the famous Text Mate editor.

Well, now I’ll install JRuby and also Scala to keep by studies with Scala programming language.

I hope to back here soon sharing my experiences with Mac.

See you soon!

Café com TOM


Ontem eu assisti excelentes palestras on-line do Café com TOM. Para quem não conhece o Café com TOM é o oferecido gratuitamente pela e-Genial. Se você não pode acompanhar as palestras on-line, você pode baixar a gravação delas quando quiser, é o que eu geralmente faço. Posso dizer que a qualidade da gravação é muito boa.

Alias o Café com TOM usa o Treina TOM, uma excelente ferramenta colaborativa de ensino a distância, desenvolvida pelo própria e-Genial.

Gostaria de parabenizar a e-Genial por esse magnífico trabalho com o Treina TOM e Café com TOM.

Bom pra finalizar, não deixem de conferir as palestras do Café com TOM. Lá você irá encontrar palestras de RSpec, Merb, BlazeDS, entre outras.



Hello world!

Hi Folks!

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post and I am glad to use this place to share with you about my professional experiences with IT and also of course to learn from you. I intent to talk about system architectures, technologies, agile methodologies, about my life, etc, etc… I hope you enjoy and my blog be useful for you.

All the best!!!