I do Mac now!

Hello Fellows,

After a long time desiring and dreaming, I got bought my first Mac Book. No, I didn’t buy an Aluminum, but I bought the White.

I’m still adapting with it, specially with the keyboard, but I can tell you guys that’s the Apple is amazing! Everything detail is so special and thought here. The Mac OS X Leopard is very stable and also very easy to use. Looks everything you try here is pretty easy to do.

The Mac OS X Leopard already comes with many tools for development. I already have Java, Ruby and Rails. You just have to update them to the latest version and that tasks is to easy.

I am still preparing my development environment, but I’ve already installed Eclipse, Git, Flex SDK, MySQL. For development with Ruby and Rails, I’ve installed Mac Vim and the Ruby plugin, but I am thinking of buying the famous Text Mate editor.

Well, now I’ll install JRuby and also Scala to keep by studies with Scala programming language.

I hope to back here soon sharing my experiences with Mac.

See you soon!


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