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Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 5.0 Results

Hi All,

Today I am very happy to inform that I got the Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 5.0.

After a hard study and a very stressed exam test with 150 questions I got this good news. Looks our Study Group worked!

I really thought that I would not get this result since I thought the exam very hard, but everything went well.

Have a nice day,

Leo (SCDJWS 5.0)


Transaction strategies


I’ve just read a very interesting article in DeveloperWorks about Transaction strategies to avoid some common transaction pitfalls. I thought that very useful to understand how transactions work in EJB3 and Spring Framework.

Take a look at that:

Transaction strategies: Understanding transaction pitfalls

All the best,


DB2: First day of month and Last day of month

Hi Guys,

That’s a very simple tip but may be useful sometimes.

In Db2 database how to get the first day of current month for example?

You can do something like this:

select current date + 1 days - day(current date) days
from schema.table_name

Or, how to get the last day of the current month?

Doing something like this:

select current date + 1 month - day(current date + 1 month) days
from schema.table_name

I don’t know if that is the best solution but that’s already save me. If you know a better solution, please let me know.

All the best,