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SCDJWS 5.0 My Study Notes

Hello Folks!

Yesterday I finished doing my notes for the SCDJWS 5.0 Beta exam. It’s a lot of stuffs to study and my test is coming (next week). I prepared a document with some information I found on the internet. There so many sources. The document is not 100% covering the exam, but it has a lot of information that will help you on your studying.

As a good person! 😀 I will share with you this material. You can download it from here.

Good Study and Good Luck on the test!

Have a nice week!



Studying for SCDJWS 5.0 Beta Exam

Yeah! I’ve already begun studying for the SCDJWS 5.0 Beta Exam. We have either create a study group for this exam in our company. We have about 22 members, each one cooperating for get material for this exam.

This weekend I will be studying about subjects in Section 1, 2 and 3.

I am actualy in Section 1 and using as base of my studying the material from

I am using that for XML documents syntax and for XSD, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI 2.0 as well.

The others materials I am using are the following:

Web Services Overview:

Basic Profile 1.1:

I am creating a resume of all those subjects and hope to share with you in this Blog. Also I will be updating this post as soon as I get more materials.

Have a great day!